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NDT Inspection and Certification

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ODK International LTD has recently acquired Idoma Breeze as one of the vessels in its ownership of the Idoma Vessel Series.

Idoma Breeze




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NDT Inspection and Certification

ODK are internationally certified Non-Destructive Test (NDT)professionals.

The testing is done on oil and gas tools and construction equipments like cranes,pipes,offshore platforms etc.NDT is the technology done to analyze materials for either inherent defects or impairment from use therefore certifying it fit for its intended use.NDT is usually done according to some standard known specifications.

Non-Destructive Test (NDT) describes a number of technologies used to analyze materials or equipments for either inherent defects or impairment from use.

Some commonly used methods are Visual Inspection (VI), Liquid Penetrant Test (LT) or Dye Penetrant Test (DT), Magnetic Particle Test (MT), Radiographic Test (RT), Ultrasonic Test (UT), Eddy Current Test (ET) and Acoustic Emission Test (AT).

Owing to our vast experience in the industry we are registered with a number of major oil and gas companies such as Total Nig Plc,Exxon Mobil Plc,Shell Petroleum Dev Corporation(SDPC) etc to inspect and certify their cranes upong inspection.



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